The Chisholm Trail Ride is a collaboration with the Texas Historical Commission Heritage Trails Program, specifically the Lakes Trail Region. They are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, and have been working to install historic markers along the Chisholm Trail for some time now. By creating the opportunity for individuals to be able to sponsor the remaining markers, it is our aim to finish marking the trail.

With a small team of cowboys and documentary filmmakers, we plan to ride the 400 miles north from San Antonio to Red River Station, just outside of Nocona, Texas, documenting the rich history along the way. We will be working with local historians, county sheriff departments, and the Brazos, Hill Country, and Independence Trail branches of the Texas Heritage Trails Program to trace the original route, and tell as much of the story of the Chisholm Trail as we can.

We hope that through the completion of this trail ride, and the making of this documentary film, that we can help educate future generations about the importance of the Chisholm Trail to Texas and US History. We also have a chance to help get the Chisholm Trail inducted as a National Historic Trail, by creating public interest in this project.

Please help us preserve the Chisholm Trail, either by helping fund our trail ride, or sponsoring an individual historical marker.