Sponsor the installation of a historic marker along the Chisholm Trail.

$500 (20) – Marker placed along the Chisholm Trail (note: because of the required local permissions to install markers, installation may be some time later)

The process of installing a marker in your town is as follows:

  • Make a commitment to locate the Chisholm Trail in your City and County.
  • Research location of the actual trail and make a decision on where marker or markers will be placed.
  • Get approval from (City, County and private land owner) for placement of marker or markers.
  • Coordinate with Billy Cate or Steve Myers on providing and erecting of marker or markers.
  • Schedule a date for dedication of the Chisholm Trail Marker or Markers.

For more Information on Sponsoring a historic marker, please contact:

Billy Cate
Board Member of Texas Lakes Trail Region
1oo Chisholm Trail
Cleburne, TX 76033

Thank you for helping us mark the Chisholm Trail!